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The Coffee Connect

The Coffee Connect

1 lb of Colectivo Coffee / Month

5 free 12 oz coffees* from Newline

*Includes Iced or Hot drip coffee or americano

  • The Deets -

    Your membership starts the day you purchase it! Stop in Newline to get your punch card to redeem 5 free coffees!

    You will be notified via email when your pound of coffee is ready to be picked up, 2-3 days after your purchase.

    Your love of coffee supports students, school, and community! 


  • Colectivo Roast Choices

    Black and Tan - Dark/Heavy/Smooth

    A delicate balance of flavors -- rich, full-bodied dark roasted coffee with a sweet, clean, light roast. A blend that looks almost as good as it tastes! 

    Blue Heeler - Medium/Heavy/Smooth

    One of Colectivo's most popular blends for more than twenty years. A combination of regular and dark-roasted Sumatra Highlands -- it features a floral, earthy aroma with a full body and a spicy, smoky flavor.

    Guatemala Quetzal - Medium/Medium-Heavy/Bright

    This exceptional coffee is produced on the southwestern shores of Lago de Atitlán. The medium body and juicy acidity take flight when rounded out by flavors of milk chocolate, citrus, and tropical fruits.

    Indigo - Light/Medium-Heavy/Bright

    Indigo showcases the hallmark blueberry notes found in a natural Ethiopia coffee. Featuring flavors of dark chocolate, cranberry, and baking spices, this blend is well-balanced, sweet, and juicy!

    Co-Optiva - Medium/Medium-Heavy/Medium

    (Our cafe blend!)

    We've combined organic, single-origin coffees produced by Fair Trade certified cooperatives to highlight the coffees sourced through some of our long-standing relationships. With flavors reminiscent of chocolate and molasses.

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